Like many of us my husband & I used 2020's lockdown to decorate our house. Unsure about our colours or which brands of paint to buy we ended up spending hours (If not days!) Googling for brands, comparing colours and signing up and purchasing through multiple websites, adding separate postage fees to all of our orders.

Armed with our sample pots, we ended up painting small streaky samples on the wall, having to purchase and clean paint brushes over and over again, making a mess, and then realising the samples looked different depending on which wall we painted on due to the effect of light!

Once we had finished with our samples we had to sand them off the wall or if you looked closely you could see the samples through the topcoat! We also ended up with a huge box of samples with so much paint waste! (Did you know each year 64 million gallons of paint are left over from decorating!)

There had to be a better way! So we founded Paint Squared!

Paint Squared provides 'Peel and Stick' paint samples, from multiple brands, in one place! The samples are pre-painted, by roller, with two coats of real paint and large in size at 12"x12". This means they match the same texture as they would have when you apply paint to a wall, are as true to colour as you can get and large enough so you can really see how the colour will look in your room!

Our approach means no painting, no mess & no cleaning up! We have tried and tested self-adhesive materials from around the globe to ensure the samples are repositionable and leave no residue or damage on the wall.

As the samples can be repositioned you can view your paint in different areas of light or take the samples with you to shop for furnishings and match colours!

What's more our approach minimises paint waste ensuring a more sustainable solution to paint sampling!

We hope our Paint Squares can lead to more enjoyable sampling experience for you too.

We would like to see your samples on the wall, so please do share on instagram or by email!

Good luck!

Maya & Luke